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"A Walk Through the Cypress"    

March 2018

by Terry Taylor

In come the March winds, they blow and blow, they sweep up the brown leaves that green ones may grow.–George Washington Wright Houghton, American poet (1850–91).

We've had the winds, the warmth, the cold and rain. March is a capricious month, but one full of promise for a beautiful spring on the central coast. It's one of my favorite months.

There's still time and some wooden fish blanks available for you and your family to creatively transform for the Cypress Gallery's community craft event "Something Fishy." Come to the gallery to get your information and fish to participate in this fun project. You'll have the chance, for $5 each, to decorate/paint/embellish your fish (or fishes) to hang them in the special show in May 2018. Deadline for submission is April 22, 2018.

People's Choice Award for February went to photographer Tom Chrones for his iconic photo of a Lompoc barn and flower fields. Kudos to you, Tom. Our flower fields, while in less abundance than years before, still exist and remain a lovely part of our town and are favored by many who come through the gallery.

Photography has taken a front seat in the Cypress this month with a variety of pieces and techniques being offered by many of our camera-yielding members. New member Bill Morson has submitted several dye infused metal prints, including a great indoor photo of a NASA missile under construction entitled "Ready to Launch" and another of a worker in a flower field called "Flower Harvest."

If you like local landscapes and seascapes, you will be pleased to see many fine examples hung this month. I especially like Marilyn Stankewich's "Surf and Dunes" in oil and new member Tom Heslop's watercolor entitled "Too Rocky," both excellent seaside depictions. Neil Andersson's oil painting entitled "Hillside and Gray Clouds" is skillful rendition of local grass- and oak-covered hills under a stormy sky. Favorite Betsee Talavera's four pieces are also wonderful and there for you to admire and perhaps purchase.

Animal lover Penny Lee is showing a couple of paintings of adorable dogs and Trish Campbell has a submitted brightly painted flower field and hills piece in acrylic rightfully called "A Flower Field." Very special describes Kathy Badrak's acrylic pour painting in vibrant white and violet with a touch of green, entitled "Edge of Peace."

Cypress Gallery is also a gift shop, as many of you know.   You will find a fine selection of small items, Lompoc souvenirs and greeting cards for all occasions, as well as affordable paintings and prints.

Lompoc Valley Art Association meets the first Tuesday of most every month and meetings are open to the public.  Please plan to attend for a social half-hour beginning 6:30 p.m. followed by a short business meeting and a special art presentation by a local artist or video presentation.  Meetings are held at the Stone Pine Hall, 200 South H Street, Lompoc.

Cypress Gallery is operated by the members of the Lompoc Valley Art Association and is located at 119 East Cypress Avenue, Lompoc. 
Hours:  Tuesday through Sunday 12 noon to 4:00 p.m. 805-737-1129

Surf and Dunes
Surf and Dunes by Marilyn Stankewich
Edge of Peace
Edge of Peace by Kathy Badrak