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Inspired Art & Auras
Featured Artist - Mikki Alhart

At the Cypress Gallery
September 26th – October 28th, 2017

Come and See Your Aura in Color
For Free and For Fun at the

Artists' Reception
Saturday, October 7th from 2-4pm.

Description: Swan Song.jpg Painting the beauty of heaven and earth through my vision
By Mikki Alharts long as I can remember I’ve had the ability to sense color around people and I am sensitive to the feel and essence of the energy that surrounds people, places and things. It is how I discovered my intuitive abilities and began my professional life as a counselor over 30 years ago. Artists abound in my family and we have thrived on our mutual creativity. Studying obsessively physiology, philosophies and human emotions has become a large part of my creative stew.  I use the word obsessively because my finished work so rarely equals the initial impulse or conception thus compelling me to start over and try again. It is always my love for life that stirs up complex feelings leaving me aching to express new ideas.
This is the reason why my art is so divergent in style, mediums and compositions.

Description: Wine Country.jpg Description: Covenant.jpg

The inspiration to better understand the mysteries that lie beyond normal perception is what led me to the study of auras. Every plant, animal and human is surrounded by electromagnetic energy field that penetrates our bodies. While few can see it, it can be felt by all as the “vibes” that someone gives off and influences how others experience them. Energy is expressed in vibrant colors. I am thrilled that technology and science can now allow us to view our colorful essence through bio-feedback. Come to my reception for a really fun experience and see the color of your aura.

The universe is full of art and inspiration, that is what everyone can see but it takes vision to pick up paint and brush to illustrate thoughts, visions and this beautiful universe into paintings. I am always looking to create meaning to my work. Art is the medium for the bigger message. My artwork ranges from dream-like and abstract pieces to realistic work. My intention is that my paintings inspire others as I am inspired in the art of creating them.  

Description: Guardians.jpg Description: Heck of a Hat.jpg

Cypress Gallery, 119 E. Cypress Ave.
Open 12-4 p.m (12-5 p.m. during daylight savings)
Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information call the Cypress Gallery