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“The Family Tree”
Watercolors & other art by
Judith Grames Lyra

At the Cypress Gallery
August 29th – September 24th, 2017

Artists Reception
Saturday, September 2nd from 1-3pm.

It is said that life happens when you are making other plans! So it was when I took a trip across the country this year
intent on finding my mother's birth record in Ontario, Canada, and ended up taking a detour to Alexandria, Virginia.
My daughter, Carolyn accompanied me on this journey as she was between semesters at the University in Colorado and there was the chance that we would see her son(my grandson) and his fiancee in Virginia. As it turned our, he was suddenly
taken to the hospital, suffering from a very serious illness, lymphoma, and we arrived in time to give him family support
during his first round of chemo, and consequent surgery.

The exhibit of art shown at the Cypress Gallery for the month of September reflects this odyssey and is dedicated to
Ian Longmire, my grandson.

Cypress Gallery, 119 E. Cypress Ave.
Open 12-4 p.m (12-5 p.m. during daylight savings)
Tuesday through Sunday.

For more information call the Cypress Gallery